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All about classic and vintage road bicycles from 60s, 70s and 80s. We are specialized in French and Italian competition bikes with finest steel frames. You might find your dream bicycle here.


France is the motherland of competition cycling and cyclotourisme. Cycling has a long tradition and is part of the local culture. Brands such as Peugeot, Gitane, Mercier, Motobecane, CNC, Bertin and Lejeune are very fames. Behind them local handcraft men like Bernard Carré, Bacco, René Herse, Limongi, Alain Michel, Daniel Arnal, Urago and Sablière built exceptional custom made frames and biycles : made for cycling champions like Louison Bobet, Jacques Anquetil, Roger Pingeon, Bernard Thévenet, Bernard Hinault, Francesco Moser, Jan Jansen, Laurent Fignon and others.

A classic French bicycle has some special features. In the motherland of the meter things are metric : threads, tube diameter, fork tube diameter and much more are specific. Also, the French measures the frame seize center - center. Let's say like this : the differences make life interesting and we can learn a lot about a vintage bicycle.

A "real" french bicycle has "Made in France" components from Simplex, Mafac, Stronglight, Mavic, Philippe, Maillard, Spidel, Huret, Wolber, Sedis, Ideale and others.


We propose authentic Italian vintage road bikes from Gios, Colnago, Pinarello, Bianchi or Alan. Also bikes from handcraft men like Umberto Marnati, Ocar Simonati, Losa and others. Some of these classic bicycles are exposed here.

To buy a vintage bike is a question of confidence and a matter of honor. We hope our bikes find good hands.


You like to builds or repair a vintage bicycle?. You'll find a great collection of vintage bike parts like : cranks, rims, hubs, handlebars, wheelsets , saddles, chain rings, sprockets, stems, derailleurs, shifters, seat-posts and many other parts.

Products "Made in France" is our specialty; products from Mafac, Strong Light, Mavic, Maillard, Simplex, Huret, Christophe, Idéale, Reydel, Spindle, Atax, Philippe and others.

Also the Italian classic parts could be found in the collection: Campagnolo, Cinelli, 3TTT, Galli, Modolo, Gian Robert, Ofmega or Selle italia.

French frame builder made interesting frames. In particular, the small manufacturers René Herse, Routens, Giuseppe Limongi , Bernard Carré. They might have one thing in common: passion.


We have a strong ecosystem with collectors, painter, frame builder, chromeur and mechanics. Our painter has painted frame used by Bernard Hinault and Jeannie Long as well as for frame builders like Bernard Carré and Baco. Our frame builder hold the most world records in the world. That mean not himself, but the cyclists which used its frames. Our workshop is the only one in Paris which knows to built a Special Service des Course bike of the 70 and 80s. These relations are key to learn and provide professional product and services to our customers.